PCB Fabrication Service

Schotry is representative of several top-level Chinese PCB factories that specialize in Printed Circuit Board fabrication. With support from these factories, Schotry is capable of delivering fast turn-around, high quality yet cost effective Printed Circuit Board products.

From one single board for prototyping to high volume orders for mass production, we can meet various PCB demands with a variety of materials, technologies and processes.

  . Maximum Number of Layers: 40
  . Maximum Panel/Board Size: 18”x24”
  . Minimum Line Width: 4-mil
  . Minimum Line Spacing: 4-mil
  . Copper Thickness: 0.5 to 4.0 oz
  . Smallest Hole: 1-mil
  . Blind/Buried Vias: Yes
  . Impedance Controlling: Yes 

  . FR4
  . Rogers
  . Teflon
  . Specialized material per customer request
  . Thickness: 0.008” to 0.250”

Solder Mask Color:
  · Green
  · Red
  · Blue
  · Yellow
  · Black

Final Finishes:
  . HASL(RoHS)
  . Immersion Tin
  . Nickel
  . Hard & Soft Gold
  . Immersion Nickel/Gold
  . Selective Gold Plating

  . Non-conductive permanent ink in various colors

Inspection Methods:
  . Electrical Testing
  . Visual Inspection
  . Sample Lot Inspection

  . Gerber Files

  . RoHS