BOM Kitting Service

With many years of experience in electronic industry, we are familiar with most kinds of electronic components. We know classification and characters of various components very well. We can help customer in sorting part lists, checking errors and finding the best purchasing source.

Schotry has very good relationship with main component distributors and agents. Also we are very familiar with domestic electronic marketplace. Furthermore, we can directly place orders to certain component manufacturers to greatly reduce the costs.

With rich technical experiences and strong purchasing capabilities, we can help customers to do good component procurement and BOM kitting. For most customers, this service is both labor-saving and time-saving.

  . Use standardized templates to well sort the BOM.
  . Strict version controlling rules for document maintenance.
  . Free sample parts for evaluation.
  . Seek for suitable components as per customer's requirements.
  . Most components can be made ready to use within one week.
  . Keep inventory to commonly and repeatedly used components to reduce turn-around time.
  . Globally procurement. For example, we place orders to DigiKey / Mousers every week.
  . Can order components from overseas vendors and instruct the shipments to customer directly.
  . Can customize certain parts per customer's requirement. For example, plastic enclosures, inductor coils, etc.