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Electronic Manufacturing Service

Electronic Manufacturing Service, or EMS in short, is the major server we are providing. We can help customers to get their electronic products made in easy manners.

We are talking our Electronic Manufacturing Service as "PBAT", where each letter represents one kind of service:

P - PCB Fabrication. We can help customer to make Printed Circuit Boards. We will check customer's PCB design files, define technical specifications, choose appropriate PCB factory, place and track the order status, supervise the PCB quality. Finally we ship qualified PCB products to customer, or use these PCBs in consequent manufacturing processes.

B - BOM Kitting. We can help customer to prepare various materials / components which will be used in producing an electronic product. We can order / purchase various components / parts / cables, etc, as per customer's Bill of Materials.

A - Assembly. We can take manufacturing jobs and dispatch different assembly tasks to appropriate factories / workshops. We can do PCB soldering, Wire Harness, Mechanic Assembly, Chip Programming, etc.

T - Electrical Test. We can do Electrical Tests / Function Tests using customer's test routines and customized test-fixture, to ensure quality of final products.

These four kinds of services can be used individually or as a combination. For example, you can just have us to make your PCBs, or you can have us to make final product for you.