About Us

Founded by a group of young people in 2004Q4, Schotry is a Chinese start up company specialized in providing professional Electronics Manufacturing Service.

 is the hybrid of words "Scholar" and "Trader". By using this name, we are delivering such a belief that, we can do business as well as pursuing scholarship, using scholar's attitudes and behavior.

Currently most of our business are done with west countries, of which export trades from China to North America, Australia and Europe take the greatest part. Now we has more than 60 valuable customers from more than ten countries.

We are specialized in providing professional Electronics Manufacturing Service, which includes PCB FabricationBOM KittingPCB Assembly and Test.

As an Electronics Manufacturing Service provider, we make all kinds of circuit boards for worldwide customers, fulfilling various demands. From low-count quick-turn prototype boards to high volume production, we can take orders in different quantity levels.

We also provide some minor services such as  Machining ServiceProcurement Service and Design Service.

We also provide various value-added services such as Packaging Materials ManufacturingDocument Printing, LabelingProduct Packing.